In order to let the journey of recycling organic waste and turning them into valuable agricultural products continue and spread,
Larva Yum desperately needs the support and contribution of organic waste and by-products of organizations and businesses, such as restaurants, restaurants, food production enterprises, etc.

Dear partners and future partners,

Thank you for your interest in our project! We are currently a partner of many big and prestigious brands such as Mondelez Kinh Do, Pizza Hut, Pizza 4P's..., with the desire to help them fulfill the United Nations' sustainable development goals.

If you have a large amount of organic waste generated during the production or sale of goods and need to find a partner to handle, please contact us.

Our partners

Cung cấp bột thừa từ nhà máy sản xuất bánh kẹo ở Bình Dương
Mondelez Kinh Đô

Supply leftover flour from confectionery factory 

in Binh Duong

Logo Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut

Supply leftover flour and pizza 

from stores in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh

Logo Texas Checken
Texas Chicken

Supply organic waste from 

stores in Ho Chi Minh

Pizza 4P's

Supply leftover flour and pizza 

from stores in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh

logo-megamarket (1)
Mega Market

Supply organic waste and by-products 

from Mega supermarkets in Ho Chi Minh

Collection and treatment process
at Larva Yum


Employees at partner's stores sort garbage into containers and drain.


Larva Yum Employees collect and transport garbage to the collection place every day


Logistic team transport waste from the collection point to Larva Yum farm in Dong Nai for treatment using black soldier fly larva model

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