Creating a new life for organic waste

Do you know?

Organic waste is a precious resource that is currently covering more than 70% of Vietnamese municipal waste. However, it is not appreciated because of the thought “garbage is a foul, dirty thing”. Therefore, most of the organic waste from restaurants, eateries, processing factories, and farmers' markets… is sent to landfills for burial, burning, or destruction.

Not only that, people are also exploiting the marine fish resources, even plundering small litters of fish to use in the animal feed processing industry.

Following Green Connect's Green projects, Larva Yum was born from the concerns of a young team with the desire to use black soldier fly larvae to upgrade organic waste to many valuable agricultural products and contribute to reducing the current problem of eradication of fishing.

Moving towards to sustainable development goals

Goal 8: Decent work and
economic growth

Domestically produced animal feed is 20-40% cheaper than imported ones. Larval protein prevents overfishing for protein, which depletes ocean wildlife populations 

Goal 9: Industry, innovation, and

Food waste is dispersed, so it has less odor and is easy to classify and handle. Vacant land in the city is utilized. Breeding areas in industrial zones are clean.

Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities

Garbage becomes a valuable resource instead of a waste of money to bury and burn. Plastic waste is easier to classify and recycle. 

Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

Companies dispatch staff to collect and sort garbage before delivery. This limits the use of plastic bags.

Goal 13: Climate action

Community joins hands to ease all stages, from the collection, transportation, and processing to consumption

Goal 17: Partnerships for the goals

Provide input for livestock and confectionery businesses. Contribution to partners' achievement of the goal of circulating waste towards EPR.

Giving efforts to serve the society

"We are taking action every day, seeking solutions to protect the environment and serving the agriculture of the country."


Green Connect is an ecosystem of green technology products, with the mission of "Promoting green transactions, for a healthy life, for a sustainable future". At Green Connect, “Green” and “Community” are two core spirits that appear in all our projects and products.

NODA is an e-commerce platform offering more than 500 delicious daily green,
chemical-free and probiotic items

GreenPoints is a mobile app that makes the journey of green living more enjoyable and easier by giving green reward points (GP points) to users when they perform green actions.

Larva Yum is a biowaste treatment project that uses Black Soldier Fly Larvae to treat organic waste and process the larvae into high-protein food for
livestock, poultry and aquatic products.

KOMPOVI machine treats leftovers, rotted vegetables, animal bones, shells of shrimp and crabs, eggshells, bean residues, etc. by grinding, mixing,
composting, treating odors and leachate.

A project of Green Connect Green Connect.