We commit to a more sustainable future through the efforts of closing the loop by encouraging “trash to table” practices
by upcycling organic waste through our Larva Yum project. 

Why Upcycle Food Waste

In Vietnam alone, 25% of total food production each year is wasted, creating over 27.5 million tons of food lost, according to the World Bank. This organic waste creates enormous economic, health, and environmental costs. If businesses engage in upcycling this food waste, they can help reduce the 15.8 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions from food loss and waste alone. 

Our Solution

We work towards the solution of developing a new value chain to upcycle organic waste into animal feed, particularly for chicken, and as a result reduce the amount of waste going to landfills.


Our project Larva Yum utilizes black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) to process organic waste into nutrient-rich organic fertilizer for plants and produce feed that serves as a protein-rich feed for livestock, poultry, and aquatic animals. After collection, we transport the organic waste to our poultry farms in Dong Nai, where we raise cage free chicken, and begin the process of upcycling our collected organic waste:


How We Can Work With You

Training Your Staff

Another Green Connect project, GreenPoints, hosts workshops for groups on trash sorting. This session would teach your team how to properly sort recyclable trash such that waste disposal would be much more efficient for your business.

Collect Your Waste

Our team will provide the containers and arrive at a time and frequency convenient for your business to collect your waste to be taken to one of our farms to be upcycled.

Why Us


Meet sustainability goals

Waste auditing

Organized waste handling solution

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Green Connect

Our Partners

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Partnership Profile: Mondelēz International

In our collaboration with Mondelēz Kinh Do, our team picks up from food waste from their facilities three times a week before transporting it to one of our farms in Dong Nai. 


In addition to food waste pickups, our team hosts workshops to train employees at Mondelēz Kinh Do each month. These workshops consist of an information session about the environmental effects of waste and sustainability efforts as well as an interactive learning session with a recyclable trash sorting activity.


Learn More

Email us to learn more and schedule a survey, where our team members visit your business
and tell you more about the opportunity to partner with us.