For grade schools and university students, families and adults who care about sustainability, 
the trip offers various hands-on activities and practical lessons that gives you a closer look on organic waste treatment 
and humanely-raised chickens and eggs, as well as peaceful resting moments in nature.

Become an environmental warrior

Weekend is coming, do you have any interesting destinations for your family and friends? Join us in "3 Moc Class" - a project of

Green Connect to become a hero rescuing the environment .

A day in "3 Moc Class" of students from Bilingual Canadian International School

Why should you choose "3 Moc Class"?

Discover the journey of trash
Team work and hands-on experience
Stimulate creativity and curiosity

Our Clients

Dream & Do - School for future changemakers
Bilingual Canadian International School
University of Social Science and Humanity

Some highlights from the class

We are familiar with the term "from farm to table". How about "from trash to table"? How can a piece of trash return to life under a new formation, closing broken circle? Find out the answer through a day full of experience that will fill your hand, your mind, and your heart:

Trash sorting challenges for families

If you're a busy parent unable to spend time with your children, 3 Moc Class is a great opportunity for the whole family bonding by taking part in engaging educational activities. The sorting trash challenge dealing with different types of trash such as organic waste, plastic, paper, glass... promises to bring lots of fun and useful knowledge to all family members.

Enjoy the local cuisine

What is more wonderful than tasting fresh local dishes home-cooked by locals? A delicious lunch with a distinct taste from the countryside is a unique must-try part of the trip, which will fill your stomach and help you recognize that the journey "from trash to table" is a realistic loop that can be replicated.

Enhance cognitive skills and language ability

Looking for opportunities to improve your children's learning skills? Don't worry, the 3 Moc Classroom is not a simple sightseeing tour but integrates many educational activities, providing an ideal learning-through-experience environment. At our farm-class, children can improve their English as well as the core knowledge of the 4.0 era through bilingual presentations on circular economy, regenerative agriculture, and animal welfare.

And many other joyful activities

Learning through playing, and playing to learn… The playing field on the farm is always ready to welcome families, groups of students and groups of friends/colleagues. You are invited to spark your creativity and joy through the singing and composing songs about earth and sustainability by using the piano, guitar and ukulele available at the farm in the most impromptu way !

General Schedule

Chuyến tham quan trang trại Larva Yum

Dream & Do đến thăm xưởng Larva Yum

On July 26, 2022, Larva Yum was honored to be the only unit in Ho Chi Minh City to welcome and exchange with Dream & Do - a group of international students and teachers representing the Environmental exchange program between the US and Vietnam 2022, on the treatment of organic waste by black soldier fly larvae.

Giảng viên trường Đại học Khoa học xã hội và Nhân văn ghé thăm
"công xưởng ấu trùng"

Ngày 24/6/2022, 35 cán bộ giảng viên ngành Xã hội học đã ghé thăm Larva Yum và được nghe về các vấn đề rác thải đô thị như lãng phí “tài nguyên” rác hữu cơ, xử lý rác thải không đúng cách và tìm hiểu quy trình xử lý rác thải hữu cơ bằng ấu trùng ruồi lính đen.

Một ngày tham quan trang trại Larva Yum

Morning (9:00 – 12:00)

Explore the orchard, join the sharing circle and group discussions on environmental topics, crafts-making, compose music and sing songs… There are various activities to enjoy that can be tailored to your need.

Lunch (12:00 - 13:30)

Countryside lunch with local dishes, freshly made from the chickens and eggs of the farm.

Afternoon (13:30 – 15:00)

Visit the farm and participate in experiential activities.

Our 3 Moc Class takes place in the Larva Yum's Nhơn Trạch farm, only 4 kilometers from Cát Lái Ferry - HCMC.
Chi phí đóng góp tối thiểu cho mỗi người là 300,000/ người. 
 For more information on means of transportation and schedule, please contact via our hotline 0585 730 427 (Mr. Hải Âu).

A memorable journey is awaiting.
Become an environmental warrior today!

A project of Green Connect Green Connect.